As mentioned in another post, catios are still relatively uncommon in the UK, although more and more people are hearing about them, realising how great they are, and jumping on the catio bandwagon. Famous cat advocates such as Jackson Galaxy are big fans of catios

When I was investigating my catio options, I came across several providers, and in this post I will list them. This post is not promotional or advertorial, it is simply a place to start when beginning your catio journey. As I come across more providers, I will of course add them on.

a cat exploring outside in a catio uk
A catio in the UK allows your cat to explore outside safely

UK Catio Providers

This is the list of UK wide catio or garden cat proofing providers I have found:

  • 4Wire
  • Protectapet
  • Omlet
  • Katzecure

Local providers

I went with a local (ish) company called Croft and Country. They were excellent, both on price and service (including fast delivery and installation on the day). You don’t have to choose a specialist animal accomodation provider, an experienced local carpenter, joiner or handyman should be able to construct something totally suitable for you, so broaden your search to include them.

If you are going with a non specialised provider, ensure you do your research, both in to what you want and also into the company. Some people will advise specific wood and wire to use and some to avoid, so make sure you know what your preference is as they might not know what is best (or worst) for your cats.

Think outside the box

Ultimately, a catio is an enclosure for keeping an animal safe. Many other types of enclosures do the same, for example an aviary. If you cannot find a local provider of catios, look into local providers of aviaries, chicken coops and houses and even animal runs. Facebook groups are a great place to connect with other catio fans in the UK and ask for recommendations (that is where I first heard of Croft and Country).

Go second hand

More and more people are selling second hand catios and animal enclosures so it is worth shopping around. There are loads of great Facebook groups for people to advertise such as this one.

DIY Catios

If you are practical and enjoy DIY and building or wood working, you can absolutely build your own. You might decide to purchase a plan online, to give you a starting point, or you might just be able to work out what you need yourself. Either way, ensure that the wood, wire and other accessories are suitable for use in a catio, and head off to your local DIY store. Remember that wood needs to be weather proof, or coated in an animal friendly protection.

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