Cookie is the newest addition to the family. After Scruffy passed away I debated a lot about getting another cat. I didn’t want it to be seen as a replacement for her, but equally the reasons for getting a third cat (that we had lots of love and space to share) still stood. I had seen the rescue where I got Mali from was taking in a cat from Romania who was supposed to have a home to go to and it had fallen through. There was something about the pictures of this cat. Yet again I was due to go on holiday though and the lady from the rescue let me have her on provisional reserve but with no commitments. I had not long lost Scruffy and Mali had had her surgery and I had had a lot going on. After my holiday I decided to go ahead and get her.

She is the sweetest most chilled cat you will ever meet. I walk through the door and sit on the sofa and she’s there. She likes food but she’s not obsessed like her brother and sister. The lady from the rescue said to get her a check up at the vets at their expense to get her a clean bill of health because of everything I’d been through – but unfortunately at that point she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. I got a second opinion from another vet, and it was reasonably bad. As the vets knew the rescue and everything they do to help cats and everything I’d been through, they got her into a cardiology CPD evening and she got a scan for free. The cardiology specialist vet was not overly concerned and we just need to monitor her, and if there are no concerns from me she can just have another scan in a year. When she was diagnosed with the murmur, the rescue offered me the choice of getting a different cat instead, but she was family. I believe it was meant to be as she worships Felix and they are almost always snuggling (when she’s not trying to suffocate me by sitting on my face and wrapping herself around my neck)!

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