Hi! My name is Vicky and although we know the cats are in charge, all the bills are in my name! I work full time and blog part time. I moved from Surrey to Wiltshire in 2017 and moved from a one bedroom flat to a three bedroom house which I love! I love the fact we have more space, fresh air, and a better quality of life! The only thing I miss about where I used to live is Amazon Prime Now – where you can order groceries and items from Amazon and get it delivered within a few hours. If that’s the only thing I miss, then I must have made a good decision! 🙂

I go to work in order to pay the previously mentioned bills and of course make sure the feline members of the house are well looked after and fed! They are gracious enough to let me live here so it’s the least I can do!

If there’s ever any money left over from buying all the cat treats, I like to travel and go on holidays. I particularly like going on cruises as I like the freedom of seeing lots of different places but without having to continually unpack and repack again. To be honest though I really go because I love the experience of being on the ships. I’ve done a few transatlantic cruises and I love the fact that the trivia takes place on all the sea days and you play in the same team and make real friends. On shorter cruises when there are lots of port days, I like to stay on the ship and make the most of the amenities in peace and quiet as most people get off! My favourite ship is the NCL Epic and I like to do the waterslide on those days when there’s no queue – but don’t tell everyone, I don’t want everyone to get in the queue for the Epic Plunge!


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